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SECOM has lots of know-hows and experiences !

SECOM can provide you the good security advices based on the experiences since 1962 in the world. At customer sites we use the security equipment that we manufactured or adopted, based on our own high-level standards.

SECOM has the competitive integrated services framework !

Our principal competitive advantage in the security service business derives from our integrated service framework. We take responsibility for everything from R&D to the production/adoption, marketing, security planning and installation of sensors and other equipment, around-the-clock monitoring, emergency response services and maintenance. This framework, which ensures the exceptional safety and reliability of our on-line security systems, and our team of highly trained security professionals, guarantee the quality of our services.

We rent security equipment for our On-line Alarm services. Our rental format, which minimizes initial costs for subscribers, is another key strength. This format also means that we look after maintenance and upkeep, guaranteeing both the quality and stability of our services.

Our comprehensive approach to security services enjoys the trust of customers across a wide range of industries. Accordingly, it is a fundamental factor behind the power of the SECOM brand.