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On-line Alarm (Intruder Detection, Emergency Report, Facility Monitoring)

We started the On-line Alarm service for the first time in Myanmar as our key service. The security system includes the SECOM original products, connected with sensors detecting door open, intruders or breaking safe boxes and panics.

You can notify emergency situation to SECOM by just pressing the panic button. During the night / unattended time, you can arm the system and the sensors monitor your properties. Anomaly signal is transmitted to our remote Control Center through the mobile data network or the telephone line.

At the SECOM Control Center, the well-trained and experienced operators perform their 24Hr-duties.

  • Monitor signals transmitted from customer sites.
  • Dispatch emergency response personnel (BE: Beat Engineer) for site inspection immediately in case of receiving anomaly signals.
  • Contact Police Department or Fire Department, if required.
  • Respond to the sites due to the key holding service, when a customer is out of town or something wrong happens.

Even if a customer forgets to arm the alarm system, SECOM receives a signal, l informs the failure to the customer and dispatches the emergency-response staff to arm the system if necessary. On the other hand, when a customer forgets to disarm the system, SECOM Control Center receives a signal and then contacts customer’s office to check whether the alarm was false or true.