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Security Guard

For Myanmar society, the most common security style is to post security guards, which have the flexibility to analyze and promptly respond to situations. The presence of security guards on the premises often visibly deters potential intruders and protects the client’s site. Our security guards are trained by Japanese professional. Our security managers also perform non-periodic inspections on sites to grasp actual situations, timely direct and guide our security guards on their sites. Thereby we are continuously keeping and enhancing the service quality.

How is SECOM different?

Point 1:SECOM recruits and hires security guards by ourselves. We dispatch our security guards well trained in house.

Point 2:Our security manager gives periodical site check by patrolling and training on site. Cooperation with SECOM control center.

Point 3:SECOM complies with Myanmar laws with appropriate salary and social welfare to improve the quality of work life of security guards.

Point 4:Professional Liability Insurance is on standard. SECOM reimburses the loss caused by us up to USD500,000


Security Guard Training