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Security Products

Access Control

The access control system controls the ingress and the egress of persons. Only authorized person can unlock an electric lock by a contactless card or a fingerprint. It is possible to set individual permissions, such as who can enter in which room from/to what time.

CCTV Systems

The CCTV system monitors the place you want to see through cameras. The system contributes to prevention of crime and violence in the workplace. You can check a recorded images after finding suspicious event.

Other Products

We also provide security-related equipment as follows:

  • Digi tool: to record patrol of security guards.
  • Walkie Talkie: licensed walkie talkie.
  • Video Intercom: to manage visitors.etc.

Why SECOM is unique?

Point 1:Providing selected and quality-passed security products.

Point 2:Installation quality management by SECOM engineers to maintain safety.

Point 3:One year warranty, 24 hours support by SECOM control center.

Point 4:Standard professional Liability Insurance: SECOM reimburses the loss caused by us up to USD500,000.